Vista Unico

Blinds between the double-glazing may be optionally used when a 30 mm tempered-glazing is preferred.

Use of the blinds between the double-glazing allows you to deliver an elegant look for your balcony.
Width 146,2 mm
Gasket Brush Gasket
Number of Gaskets Internal-External/ Double Rows
Sash Space Aluminum Cover Profile
Glazing Applications 8mm- tempered double-glazing
Mechanism Wheel design of 45.2 in diameter (8 units)
Option Possible to apply blinds.
Colors Altın Meşe Antrasit Tm Gri Titan Natural Eloksal Mat Vizon
DesignDesign and Functionality

• A system with 8 carrier wheels on each sash offers ease of use.

• It is possible to collapse the glass panels used in the Vista Unico Sliding Glass Balcony Systems separately on both sides.This feature makes it easy to use in the location, where it is installed, and offers an uninterrupted view.

• The top locking set used in the IQ Camoda Vista Unico Sliding Glass Balcony Systems prevent the air and dust from penetrating the system. This creates a comfortable living space thanks to IQ Camoda.

• The locking systems available in the Vista Unico Sliding Series offers an ergonomic use since it is possible to install it at any height in vertical axis.


• The brush gasket channels used in the casement in the IQ Camoda Vista Unico Sliding Glass Balcony Systems strengthen the wind resistance.

• Creates a peaceful location suitable for all seasons by means of allowing for vertical double-row applications, which reduce the impact of external factors.

• An aluminum sealing profile and a tempered double glazing that are used in the system minimizes the glass stretch and air passage, creating a secure and insulated environment.


• With its special locking mechanism allowing it to be locked both from the inside and the outside, the IQ Camoda Vista Unico Sliding Glass Balcony System creates a secure location against possible interventions from the outside.

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