We always tell the truth and act open and sincere during the entire communication process. We provide direct and positive feedback during the relationships with our business partners. Together with our employees and business partners, we act with a team spirit. While taking corrective and preventive actions, we put the facts straight acting openheartedly and defend the truth at all costs. What we think is never different from what we tell. This is what makes us unique.

High Performance

Our performance is regularly measured by our employees, customers, shareholders and the society. With our passion to get the perfect results, we make great efforts for continuous improvement in all the business processes and, proceed on our way without compromising on our main purposes, values and vision. We do what we tell and, share what we do, this is our understanding of responsibility and discipline. With the aim for higher performance, our order of priority is People, Environment, Quality, Service and Profit. (PEQSP) Profit is necessary for any sustainable business. We work hard to further increase our performance in all the processes from manufacturing to after-sales at all stages of a business.


We are open to the world and, all the ideas. We see and seize the opportunities. We create an environment of trust for the delegation of powers, predict the risks ahead of time and, successfully manage all the processes by means of taking initiative. We service your home as if it was our own. We respect the decisions of our employees, encourage them to undertake responsibility and, then recognize them for their success.

We make investments for dealers and their improvements. Be a dealer of the first corporate brand in the sector!
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You may choose either a folding or sliding mechanism depending on the square meter and position of the location and, your preference. There are single glazing and double glazing options based on the system you prefer. And there is also a tempered glass option to increase the level of security.

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