Our Culture

Our employees and business partners are proud of working together as a result of the company culture we have created in our organization. They work strictly adopting the principles of integrity, high performance and entrepreneurship.

Long-Lasting & Environmentally Friendly Products

We work hard to manufacture long-lasting, durable and recyclable products that deliver a high level of insulation.

Leading the Industry

Our company is one of the leading players of this industry. We are one of the top three businesses with a high market share. We owe this success to the quality and high performance services and, the customer relations based on mutual trust.

Strong Financial Structure

Our company has a sustainable, strong financial structure. We turn all the business operations into the financial targets and, we attain our targets with success.

We make investments for dealers and their improvements. Be a dealer of the first corporate brand in the sector!
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You may choose either a folding or sliding mechanism depending on the square meter and position of the location and, your preference. There are single glazing and double glazing options based on the system you prefer. And there is also a tempered glass option to increase the level of security.

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