39th Yapı Istanbul Fair Opens Its Doors from May 10 to 14, 2016. CAMODA Glass Systems will be showcasing their products at the Yapı Istanbul Fair, which focuses on construction materials and technologies. CAMODA offers a variety of folding and sliding series to cater to the preferences of customers and construction professionals who seek change, functionality, and uniqueness:

  • Bella
  • Largo
  • Ondula
  • Vista Slider
  • Vista Unico

Without compromising on the view, IQ Camoda Glass Systems transform natural environments into enclosed spaces. Thanks to its patented designs, the IQ Camoda Glass Systems can operate movable panels without the need for a guide, even when dealing with large-sized panels. The design of the locking mechanism ensures ease of use and aesthetics while operating movable panels, without the necessity of a guide. With 7 different paint and anodized options produced using special techniques on aluminum profiles, as well as double-glazed models and the wavy surface of Ondula, IQ Camoda Glass Systems harmonize with building facades and add value.

IQ Camoda Glass Systems provide professional and standard services through their trained and expert authorized dealers."

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