CAMODA, the first corporate glass balcony brand in Turkey, introduced its innovative product Vista Quadro at the Eurasia Window Fair, leveraging the international strength of the Deceuninck Group in the field of glass balcony systems.

CAMODA Glass Balcony Systems, the first corporate brand in glass balcony systems in Turkey, attracted attention with its folding, sliding, movable balustrade, and outdoor curtain product groups.

From folding glass balcony systems, they introduced Bella with its double-glazed application that allows glass panels to fold to both sides, Eco Bella with a single glass application option, and Consensus, which provides insulation with appropriate glass usage, allowing you to enjoy your balcony throughout the year. In addition, they introduced Vista Slider from sliding glass balcony systems, which offers easy usage with its handle design, Vista Unico with its triple glass application, and the new innovative product Vista Quadro, which provides uninterrupted views when applied. Bioclimatic awnings that create new living spaces, movable balustrades that allow both indoor and outdoor experience, and outdoor curtain systems with different color options and visual printing possibilities also captured the interest of visitors.

CAMODA Glass Balcony systems, offering aesthetic and design together, became the center of attention for industry professionals throughout the fair.