Outdoor Curtain

An Outdoor Curtain System is an outdoor system that operates like a motorized blinds system, but the main component is a textile products.

Delivers a perfect heat and light control in your locations.
Width 10*11 cm
Gasket Brush Gasket
Curtain Application 3 Types of Curtains
Mechanism Motor Driven Application
Colors Antrasit Gri Kahverengi Siyah
AreasAreas of Usage

• Widely used in locations at homes such as verandas and winter gardens. And also preferred in commercial areas such as cafes, restaurants, offices, hospitals, hotels. Special printings (logos and pictures) resistant to external factors bring harmony with and elegance to buildings.

• Enabling the air circulation from the inside to the outside, the Outdoor Curtain System allows you to see the outside without distributing your view.

DesignDesign and Functionality

• Coming into prominence with its perfect heat and light control features, the IQ Camoda Outdoor Curtain System saves energy while helping to create a natural interior climate and, protects the appearance of the outdoor space while offering privacy in the indoor space.

• Also known as Zip Curtains, the Outdoor Curtain System is designed and manufactured for use under any weather condition during the four seasons. The Outdoor Curtain System is used to protect the locations from overheats and help prevent the sunlight before it lands on the glass surface.

• There is a variety of color options for aluminum and fabric materials. Offers a custom made solution that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

• It is possible to integrate the Outdoor Curtain System with smart home systems by means of an app available for tablets and smart phones.


• These curtains are never torn and resistant to flame. Thus, these products are also preferred for the provision of security in the application areas.

• Made of durable aluminum, the Outdoor Curtain System is highly resistant to various weather conditions such as rain, wind etc.

• Serves as an insect screen, protecting the system against all types of insects.

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