Delivers an optimum level of insulation with the use of single-gazing and double-glazing systems. Easy-to-use and safe thanks to the special built-in handle mechanism. Create a new living spaces with budget-friendly solutions.

A rational solution that offers an optimum level of insulation and design.
Width 40 mm
Gasket TPV/Brush Gasket
Number of Gaskets Internal-External/ Double Rows
Sash Space Aluminum Cover Profile
Glazing Applications 8 mm- tempered single-glazing; 24 mm tempered double-glazing
Mechanism 8-wheel carrier design
Option Roller blind profile and drip rail profile
Colors Altın Meşe Antrasit Gri 7016 Beyaz Titan Natural Eloksal Vizon Siyah
DesignDesign and Functionality

• Fits your architecture thanks to the special design drip rail profile.

• A built-in handle mechanism in the locking system creates an elegant look in your balcony and, it is also easy to use.

• Due to the sash design in the glass-profile attachment and, the special adhesive used, the U.V. resistance and adhesion strength is increased. No silicone is used in the connection between the glass and the profile.

• Creates a supplementary space with the equipment that fits widely used balcony types and with 7 different color options


• Offers an extra dust and wind insulation in your balcony thanks to the use of double row hidden brush gaskets in the aluminum cover profiles.

• Use of 24mm double-glazing in the Performus Glass Balcony Systems increases the level of heat, sound and wind insulation.


• Safety is enhanced with the child safety lock.

• Increased level of resistance to impacts with the use of 8-mm and 24-mm tempered glazing.

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