This glass balcony system that applied in high and wide spaces passes the wind load test, differentiating itself from other glass balcony products. Delivers sound and heat insulation depending on the choice of a single-glazing and double-glazing option. Attracts attention thanks to an elegant design and, easy-to-use handle operated mechanism, which also delivers an extra safety for kids.

Consensus Glass Balcony Systems are manufactured using the cutting-edge technologies as a result of R&D efforts.
Width 47 mm
Gasket Brush Gasket-TPV Gasket
Number of Gaskets Internal-External/4 Rows-5 Rows
Sash Space Aluminum Cover Profile
Glazing Applications 8 mm-tempered single glazing, 10 mm-tempered single glazing, 24 mm-tempered double glazing, 30 mm-tempered double glazing
Option Use of espagnolette, use of blinds, use of injection cover
Colors Altın Meşe Natural Eloksal Titan Antrasit Tm Gri Mat Vizon
DesignDesign and Functionality

• Consensus Folding Glass Balcony Systems create a supplemental area design for the users due to its structure that would not compromise the view, and its 5 different color options to complete all types of locations.

• Consensus Folding Glass Balcony Systems offer decorative, easy to clean and, elegant solutions.

• Allows you to enjoy your balcony for all seasons by providing a great heat insulation with the use of an appropriate glazing system.

• Keeps your balcony clean thanks to the structure that prevents dust ingress.

• Prevents wind ingress with a gasket exit cover it uses.

• Blinds between the double-glazing may be optionally used in case of 30 mm tempered-glazing systems. This application intended to deliver an elegant look and control the sunlight does not require the use of an extra curtain.


• The brush gasket channels used in the sash and rail profiles of the Consensus Folding Glass Balcony Systems have reduced the wind permeability.

• Eliminates the problems that may be caused by perspiration thanks to the hidden discharge channels employed on the sash.

• Delivers a great level of insulation with the use of a double-glazing system contributing to the formation of quiet and peaceful living spaces.

• Higher level of insulation with the use of a five-row brush or TPV gaskets on the intermediate sash cover profiles.


• The level of security is increased by a childproof safety lock employed in the Consensus Folding Glass Balcony Systems, fixing the sashes in the open position at the station point.

• Offers a higher level of resistance to external impacts with the use of tempered single-glazing and tempered double-glazing systems and the equipment it employs. Eliminates of risk of being injured due to glasses.

• Offers an extra safety for kids thanks to the metal body locking structure with axial movement.

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